Foldable ramps

The foldable ramp of WM System can be used in many cases and solves all problems when loading and unloading. We develop customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers and deliver tailor-made ramps for each vehicle type. Today we have over 600 different ramp versions with 7 different models: PC, ME, PM, PE, PC-R, ME-R and ultra lightweight WM LIGHT.

WM Light Series: Suitable for transport of persons and goods with reduced mobility up to 400kg load.

The fully aluminum WM Light Series is lightweight and therefore easy to install and the gas spring makes it easy to use. Thanks to its fast fixing and release technology, it is easy to install from one vehicle to another. This ramp can also be used as a jumper because it has no legs. Available in non-slip aluminum or in a special aluminum grille.

Maximum load capacity 400kg
Dead weight 44-73,5kg
Exercise effort max. 10kg
Width 40-105cm
Length 150-325cm
Space requirements approx. 21cm
Warranty 1 year full
Optional swivel kit

Heavy-duty ramps (up to 1800kg): Over 400kg load we recommend the PC, ME, PM, PE series.

PC, ME, PM, PE series

The most comprehensive and most functional versions of the WM System folding ramp. They adapt to all loads and are extremely practical with their special opening. When unlocked, it is equipped with self-aligning feet and a wheel set to facilitate the opening of longer versions. Its surface is made of non-slip aluminum, which prevents the wheels from slipping.

Maximum load capacity 600-1800kg
Dead weight 77-184kg
Exercise effort max. 15kg
Width 66,5-137cm
Length 195-330cm
Space requirements approx. 15cm
Warranty 1year full
Optional swiffel kit

To determine the exact type of ramp we need the following data:

  • Carrying capacity
  • Car threshold height
  • Car interior height
  • Car type and construction year

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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