Our steps are competible with almost any vehicle in various designs.we have mechanikal and automatic step soltutions.

Metal side-door step

Height in open position 7.6 cm, closed only 7 cm
50 cm wide perforated surface
Safe non-slip surface
bolted to floor or welded to chassis
Black powder-painted
Delivered bolt-on
Galvanized version



Cassette design step

Elegant cassette design
Dust and dirt protection
Fluorescent ends
It can be mounted at 4 different heights
Delivered bolt-on
Weight: 4.5 kg




Galvanized “slim” appearance

It can be released by foot and then pulled out manually
Safe protection against opening while driving
Galvanized, good protection aganst rust
Delivered bolt-on




Electric step

Cabin-controlled or automatic opening-closing when the door opens
Load capacity: 200kg
Optional lighting
Simple 12V connection
60-90cm wide types
Can be fixed to floor / chassis

Handles, handrails

Available in two versions: 25 and 60cm
Metal / rubberized design






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